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The Choral Society of Greensboro is a performing arts group and a program of Creative Greensboro, the City of Greensboro’s office of arts & culture. The purpose of the Choral Society is to rehearse and perform various styles of choral musical literature, to promote interest in choral music in the community and beyond, and to provide the opportunity for education and performance for its members.

For a complete copy of the Choral Society of Greensboro bylaws, please click HERE.


  1. Singers become members of the Choral Society when they register for any Choral Society concert.  A $25 participation fee will be collected in both the fall and the spring.  Scholarships will be available for those in need. Typically, a season consists of three concerts. Members may choose to sing one or more of these concerts, but to maintain the standard of excellence to which we aspire, we strongly urge members to sing in as many concerts as possible. We especially need a full contingent of singers for the spring concert, which in recent years has been a major work.
  2. Members may register with Creative Greensboro at anytime, but it will be at the Conductor’s discretion as to whether the singer is prepared for a given concert. Dates for concerts and rehearsal schedules are listed on the website,


  1. The Conductor sets the number of absences (usually three) allowed in the rehearsals before each concert. Absences are counted from the first day of the rehearsal period, not the first rehearsal after a member registers. Members who exceed this number must obtain the permission of the Conductor to continue.
  2. Members are expected to stay for the entire period of each rehearsal.
  3. Attendance at dress rehearsals is mandatory. Members may miss dress rehearsals only with the permission of the Conductor.


Usually we have barely enough rehearsals to get ready for concerts. To make them as productive as possible we ask that members

  1. Come to rehearsals on time, with music and pencils in hand, ready to start when the Conductor starts.
  2. Register their attendance upon arrival using procedures designated by the Recording Secretary.
  3. Practice, if possible, during the week, especially difficult parts.
  4. Keep gum, food, and drinks, except for water, out of the rehearsal hall.
  5. Avoid wearing perfumes, colognes, or aftershaves. Please, DO wear deodorant.
  6. Be considerate of the Conductor and other members by not singing after the Conductor stops, by listening to the Conductor’s instructions, and by not talking or behaving in a way that distracts others, especially when the Conductor is working with other sections.
  7. Return from breaks on time.


  1. Women should wear a “Choral Society” dress (ordered through the Choral Society), black hose, and black shoes. Those who wish to do so may wear full length black pants with the Choral Society top.
  2. Men should wear a black tuxedo (without cummerbund), white shirt, black bow tie, black socks, and black shoes.
  3. Members should not wear accessories or jewelry that would detract from the performance. Everyone should definitely wear deodorant.
  4. Everyone should use black music folders.
  5. Members should arrive on time to the called pre-concert rehearsal, ready for warm up and final instructions by the Conductor. Members should also check in with the Recording Secretary upon arrival.


  1. Concert music distributed to Choral Society members at registration is owned by Creative Greensboro, or at times, when necessary, borrowed from churches, other choral societies, and colleges and universities. Therefore, music should always be treated with care. Notations on music should only be made with pencil. Holes should not be punched in the music, and music SHOULD NOT be highlighted.
  2. Return music immediately after the final performance. The Music Librarian will designate a music collection area to be used after each concert.
  3. If a member fails to return assigned music should they drop out of the Chorus before or after a concert, they will be expected to pay for the music. If there is difficulty with returning the music, the member should contact the Music Librarian. Payment also applies in the event the assigned music is damaged or lost.
  4. If members fail to return music, the Choral Society will not loan them music for another concert until they either return the music or pay to replace it.


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